“Is This The World’s Easiest Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off For Good?”

Continue Reading This Letter And Discover Why Fans of Allure Magazine, Runner’s World, And Good Morning America are Answering The Above Question With An Enthusiastic “YES!”

…And Learn How YOU Can Quickly And Easily Increase Your Body’s Natural Energy, Melt Fat Away For Good, And Sculpt The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of Without Counting Calories, Starving Yourself Crazy, Or Giving Up The Foods You Love

Dear Friend,

In this letter you are going to learn the easiest method for losing weight and keeping it off for good.

You are going to learn how you can quickly and easily “program” your subconscious mind so that you don’t have to rely on willpower or any complicated program to finally shed that excess weight.

In fact, I am so confident that this program will help you lose weight practically effortlessly, that I guarantee it will work for you. (More on that in a bit)…

Before I tell you about the program I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer…

  • Can you remember a time when felt the desire to lose weight and become healthier but you turned into your own worst enemy and sabotaged your success?
  • Have you felt miserable after spending your hard-earned money on the latest diet fad only to see limited (if any) results?
  • Have you struggled to eat healthy and exercise only to see the weight pour back on as soon as “real life” got in the way of your weight loss plan?
  • Do you ever worry about what other people think of you because of your current weight? Do you worry about what they say when you’re out of ear-shot?
  • Are you sick of counting calories, giving up the foods that make you happy, and feeling like you can’t live a real life… just because you’re on a diet?
  • Do you ever fear that your weight will not only stay where it is but that it could continue but continue to GET WORSE?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…

The news is that you are NOT alone.

In fact, the reason why most diets and exercise programs leave people feeling angry, frustrated, and hopeless is because they are too complicated and require too much conscious effort.

Here’s the secret that most diet companies don’t want you to know…

Weight loss programs that require willpower and painstaking effort simply will not work in the long run!

Now, don’t get me wrong here… Some of these diet programs can be effective in the short term and a lot of them are. But before long, “real life” gets back in way of your overly-complicated diet plan, exercise regimen, or calorie-counting neuroticism.

And then… it’s back to square one except that now you’re out hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and feel even more frustrated.

The real secret to losing weight and keeping it off for good is to “trick” your subconscious mind into doing all the work for you!

Listen, if you’ve felt frustrated in the past because you didn’t get results from your diet program, let me be the first to tell you…

It’s Not Your Fault

That’s because all those programs all focus on using your conscious mind and therefore require increased effort and willpower.

And unless you’re training to become an Olympic athlete or can shell out thousands of dollars for a personal fitness coach like models and celebrities, then you’re going to run up against all sorts of tempting (and “diet-killing”) obstacles that will prevent you from ever getting the types of results you want.

You shouldn’t rearrange your entire life and feel miserable because you’re on a diet. Life is way too short for that.

The trick is to re-program your subconscious mind so that it does all the “hard work” for you.

By far, the easiest method for “re-programming” your subconscious mind so you easily lose weight and keep it off for good is to use hypnosis.

Take a look at what I’m talking about…

Once “Skeptical Dieter” Loses 95 Pounds With Hypnosis and Shares Her Story With Good Morning America

Judy Lederman was another dieter skeptical of the power of hypnosis. She shared her weight loss story with Good Morning America on ABC, including how she’d struggled with her weight for her whole life.

She was facing the same obstacles that so many people battling weight gain like you face every day. She had tried every diet there was — and she was reluctant to try yet another diet. So, to get some help to lose the extra 95 pounds she was carrying, Judy decided to try hypnosis.

When she started her sessions she weighed 224 pounds. When she saw the results, skepticism went out the window.

She started to understand the behavior that was causing her weight problem. Then, like so many others who have tried hypnosis for weight loss, she entered into deep states of relaxation and received suggestions created to change her habits so she could lose the weight.

By the time Judy shared her story with ABC news, she weighed 129 pounds and still uses hypnosis to stay healthy.

To highlight just how effective using hypnosis for weight loss was Judy said, “I used to go out of my way to find the best bakery or the best cakes or pastries,” Lederman said. “At this point, I would go anywhere to find the best hypnotist, the best gym. My whole way of thinking has turned on that. And the pastries, they can just sit in the bakery.”

Judy took a simple step towards ending her frustration and disappointment. She took control over her life and used a weight loss tool that’s proven, real and has lasting results. Isn’t it time that you stopped being frustrated and disappointed in yourself? The solution is staring you in the face.

Hypnosis is easy, it’s accessible and it will get you the body you want more effortlessly than you thought possible.

I love Judy’s story because it shows how you can literally “re-program” your mind for health.

And that’s the really interesting thing that most people will never realize… Skinny, healthy, energetic people don’t try to just work harder than everyone else. Why? Because for them it’s not work. It becomes a fun lifestyle change that they enjoy. And that is the real difference.

And while there are some exceptions, the unfortunate reality is that most people will never be able to “willpower” their way to a healthy lifestyle. Because that involves cravings, suffering, and deprivation!

It is much easier to make the mental switch and actually start to think and feel like a skinny, healthy, energetic person and let the results come to you!

Ready to see what I’m talking about? Read this story about Carol Hooper who was able to change her mindset and put her results on autopilot…

Wife and Mother of Two Uses Hypnosis To Go From a XXL To A Size 6 Petite In Just a Few Short Months

Are you living with regret? Guilt? Disappointment? Poor self esteem? Feeling like no matter what you do you just can’t control your weight?

So did Carol Hooper, a personal caregiver, wife and mother of two children. Ten years ago Carol’s story ran in an April 2000 issue of the Deseret News. Carol had struggled with weight her entire life. Her story is the same as millions of people around the world, even yours.

Carol’s life revolved around food. She was obsessed with eating and spent most of her life waiting for her next meal or snack. The 85 extra pounds she carried around made her feel tired most of the time and she had to take naps during the day.

Carol felt she was completely out of control. She felt miserable, uncomfortable and she had no confidence.

Living with embarrassment was all too familiar. Forget joining in on everyday activities such as playing sports like volleyball. Carol had become a spectator in her own life.

Those 85 pounds filled her with so much pain and unhappiness that she tried just about everything to lose weight. She tried diet shakes, prepackaged diet foods and every diet she could find — from the grapefruit diet to high-protein and low-fat food diets. She even tried medication. Soon after losing 70 pounds, she gained it all back.

Carol hit rock bottom when her weight soared higher than she thought possible.

Fortunately, her husband heard about a hypnosis program on the radio. Realizing it was the only thing she hadn’t tried, he persuaded Carol to try hypnosis to lose the weight.

From the very beginning, Carol could feel the difference of using hypnosis for weight loss. She was able to stay motivated and her life was changing in more positive ways.

Soon after beginning hypnosis for weight loss, Carol lost 55 pounds in just five months.

She went from a size XXL to a size 6 petite. But, that’s not all. In the past losing weight for Carol was an uphill battle. She measured and weighed her food and wrote down what she ate.

When Carol tried hypnosis, losing weight felt like an involuntary response — it was automatic.

She didn’t have to battle cravings and bingeing. She didn’t have to spend a fortune in diet pills or foods. After losing the weight Carol’s blood pressure improved. Her confidence soared, and she started getting compliments on her new and improved body.

She even started a business. Before losing the weight, Carol said she would never have had the confidence to do it. After using hypnosis for weight loss, she had both the confidence and energy to make her business a success.

When reflecting on how easy hypnosis was and how it had changed her life by helping her to lose those 85 extra pounds, Carol said she knew the next half of her life would be great. She wouldn’t have any extra baggage, and she was a better role model for her children.

For Carol, using self hypnosis for weight loss didn’t mean deprivation. She could think and eat like a thin person and stay motivated. She called it the best investment she ever made.

With television commercials, magazine advertisements, and the billion dollar drug companies all competing for your attention and telling you what to believe in order to finally lose weight…

It can be down right confusing… if not impossible to figure out what the correct method for ridding that excess fat from your body.

Now, I am no medical doctor (and I don’t play one on T.V. either) but if you wan’t to break it down as simply as possible…

Here is the simple formula for losing weight:

Ci < Co

Don’t let that simplistic “formula” scare you…

All it means is that the number of calories you bring in (Ci) needs to be less than the amount of calories you burn (Co, or calories “out”).

But, of course that doesn’t really sell the latest fad “Hollywood Diet” program, or the newest “state of the art” piece of exercise equipment now does it :)

This isn’t rocket science, but ther are two very different ways to approach the issue of “calories in” vs. “calories out.” And it’s so important I will restate it one more time:

Option #1: Choose to lose weight consciously: Relying on tremendous will power, and painstaking effort…


Option #2: Choose to transform your subconscious mind: like turning on the internal switch the cranks your motivation, removes unhealthy cravings, and pushes you to excel… all automatically.

Read about Liz who did a few simple visualization and hypnosis techniques to make her subconscious mind actually enjoy the process automatically!

How to Eliminate Your “Fitness Funk” and Train Your Mind to Get You In Shape… Automatically

Every reputable source you’ve ever paid attention to when it comes to losing weight tells you that you need to exercise. Exercise or physical activity helps you to burn calories, build muscle to burn even more fat, and to sleep better so your appetite decreases.

But, let’s face it — exercise is a major stumbling block on the road to successful, permanent weight loss.

Maybe you find it hard to even put on exercise clothes because you don’t like the way you look. Or, you get winded after walking just a few blocks. Or, you’ve told yourself your whole life that you hate exercise. Whatever reasons are behind your exercise avoidance, it’s hampering your goal to lose weight.

But, just like you, thousands of people who are overweight or obese are looking for a solution to get and stay motivated to exercise. Well, there is a proven solution. It’s been kept relatively quiet before, but now it’s going mainstream.

Liz Baker hit a running slump a few years ago. As she put it in her May 2005 article in Runner’s World, her running motivation took an extended vacation. So, she took what many would consider a radical step: She consulted a hypnotist and life coach.

Her sessions to bring back her running mojo focused on three things — goal-setting, hypnosis and visualization exercises. During the hypnosis session, Liz received suggestions designed to assist her in achieving her goals and feeling better about running. When she was at home, she listened to recordings from her sessions. Before going to sleep each night, she also practiced visualization exercises.

After just five weeks, Liz discovered and experienced what highly motivated and successful athletes already know — when she trained her mind, her body responded.

What does Liz have that you don’t, other than the willingness to try something new to meet her fitness goals? As she said, she wanted to fix her funk. If you’re also in a fitness funk, hypnosis can work for you too. You are just as capable and deserving.

You no longer have to put up with feeling desperate to lose weight, or beaten by fat and fatigue. The techniques that Liz learned during her hypnosis sessions are your secret weapons against weight gain and a body that’s making you tired, ashamed, and less confident.

By using hypnosis you will learn like Liz did how relaxation promotes being and staying fit. It clarifies and solidifies your goals. You’ll discover the power of visualizing your desired fitness or weight loss goal.

Through hypnosis and visualization, you won’t just be able to see the body you will have and doing exercise to get it. You’ll feel and experience the wonderful effects of it. You can envision yourself doing things you couldn’t do before because of your extra weight.

You’ll experience being more relaxed and less pressured to be active and instead, find it easily enjoyable.

Exercising and staying active will feel completely effortless, just as Liz found it during her runs by using a simple mantra or affirmation.

After using hypnosis to get out of her running slump, Liz started to enjoy running again and began training for a spring marathon. Imagine the difference it can make for you in your goal to lose weight?

And Liz’s experience with hypnosis is far from extra-ordinary…

Formerly frustrated serial-Dieter confesses to allure magazine regarding her weight loss success with hypnosis:

“I have to say – I’m now a believer”

Today you woke up stared in the mirror and saw the same extra pounds you’ve been battling for months or years in front of you. You’ve tried everything — the cabbage diet, Mediterranean diet, the latest “Hollywood Fad Diet”, joining the gym, fasting — and nothing’s given you the effective or permanent results you need.

You are not alone. Every year millions of people struggle to lose weight. They start off with so much hope and intention, only to be left frustrated by not losing weight — and instead, losing their money on yet another useless weight loss solution.

But, you don’t have to struggle any more. More and more people who have been frustrated by their inability to weight loss have finally found a solution to their problem.

I am now going to let you in on their powerful weight loss solution.

Catherine shared her painful weight loss story with writer Kirstyn Kusek for Allure magazine’s January 2005 issue. The 30-year-old had been training for her first marathon and wanted to lose the extra 25 pounds she’d gained in the previous few years. Despite putting in day after day of running, she’d only been able to lose five pounds.

Desperate to meet her goal and lose the extra weight, Catherine met with, Jana Klauer, a research fellow at the Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’ Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. Klauer treated some of her weight-loss clients with hypnosis.

Like you probably are, Catherine was very skeptical about trying hypnosis for weight loss. She had very little hope that it could finally give her the results she wanted of losing those 20 extra pounds.

During her first appointment, Klauer told Catherine that she had to give up eating like a teenager. She had to stop eating all those sweets and begin eating foods she hated, such as seafood. “I walked out of her office thinking that it was impossible and I’d never go back. But I decided to give the relaxation techniques and mantras she used with me in the session a chance,” Catherine told the writer.

So, desperate to lose the weight, Catherine began to practice the relaxation techniques and mantras Klauer had used with her during the initial session. She also did homework every night that enhanced her hypnosis sessions.

Catherine began visualizing the body and person she wanted to be. She imagined herself thin and happy, exercising in shorts and a sports bra instead of in a yoga pants and baggy T-shirt. She also practiced affirmations over and over again. Some of her affirmations were “I am confident and happy,” “ Starches and sweets make me feel and look bad,” and “I love seafood.”

Catherine’s hypnosis results were almost immediate.

Within the first week, she started to crave shrimp, which she never liked before. She also lost all desire for desserts and for dipping into the candy jar at the office. After her third appointment and a month later, Catherine had lost 15 pounds. She had stuck to the diet Klauer gave her, and even lost five pounds more in the next few weeks.

Catherine’s feeling about her experience using hypnosis to lose weight? “I have to say, I’m now a believer.”

The good news is that unlike Catherine from the previous story, you don’t have to spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to hire a personal hypnotist or coach to see the same results.

In fact, you can now get the same results for less than a meal for two at a nice restaurant.

So now you may be thinking… “Well that’s great that hypnosis worked for those people, but how do I know it will work for ME?”

That’s a great question! I’m going to answer that in just a bit, but first read the following statistics…

Here’s More PROOF Of The Power Of Hypnosis

  • Since 1950 the practice of hypnosis has been supported by both the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association.
  • Hypnosis is so powerful it was widely used in World War I to treat pain in soldiers.
  • Professional athletes around the world consistently use hypnosis to give themselves an unfair advantage when faced with the highest level of competition

AND Finally…

  • In the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, women who used hypnosis to lose weight lost an average of 17 pounds compared to the control group who lost an average of only 0.5 pounds.

Can you imagine that? Losing 17 pounds compared to the control group who had to struggle… and lost ONLY 1/2 POUND!

And those are just a few examples.

The famous self-help guru Earl Nightingale summed it up brilliantly: “The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts.”

It’s time to start cultivating empowering thoughts and turn your subconscious mind into your fitness partner that WANTS you to lose weight, feel amazing, and keep the results for life!

Let’s get back to the “million dollar” question that you’re probably asking yourself…

“Will Hypnosis Work For ME?”

To answer that, see if you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions…

  • Have you ever day dreamed before?
  • Can you, now, take a deep, relaxing breath in through your nose and slowly exhale out your mouth?
  • Can you envision what YOU would look like eating a delicious piece of fruit and smiling because you’re at your perfect weight?
  • Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and got “lost” in the story?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions then YOU can be hypnotized and reap the benefits of transforming your subconscious mind quickly and easily.

That’s because hypnosis is simply a method of relaxation and active imagination where empowering suggestions are delivered to your subconscious mind.

And best of all:

It Takes Only a Few Relaxing Minutes Of Spare Time Per Week

And that’s exactly why I have put together the easiest and most effective program for turning your subconscious mind into your personal fitness coach…

Introducing The “4-Step Hypnotic Weight Loss Program”

Let me walk you through this program and show you how to use it to get fast results.

The purpose of the 4-Step audio program is to automatically “re-program” your mind for success.

And want to know the best part about this audio program? It does all the work for you!

If you can listen to music then you can reap all the benefits of this program.

Session #1: Clearing Negative Influences

This first session helps clear negative influences from your subconscious mind. Imagine that your subconscious mind is like a chalk board and is cluttered with so many negative suggestions (big or small) that you feel bogged down and unable to reach your ideal weight.

Take a minute to think about how easy it would be if your cravings for junk food simply went away. Of course, you could still enjoy those foods if you wanted to, but it’s 100x easier when that craving has all but disappeared.

In this first session you will completely relax as your former limitations begin to melt away… taking bad habits (such as emotional eating, desire for unhealthy food, and lack of energy) along with them.

And, best of all: It uses clever post-hypnotic cues that “train your brain” to easily relax and be receptive of empowering suggestions.

Session #2: Hypnosis Session

The second session will take you as deep into a relaxing state of hypnosis as you feel comfortable. Once you feel completely relaxed your subconscious mind will begin to absorb the underlying positive suggestions.

Since this process speaks directly to your subconscious mind, you will not need to worry about self-sabotaging beliefs standing in your way. You can simply sit back, relax and let the program do the work for you.

Once your subconscious mind is receptive, the program will guide you through the process of visual imagery and seeing, hearing, and feeling your new toned, fit, and healthy body.

TRACK #1 is a 45-minute hypnotic induction to make it easy for you to enter hypnosis.

TRACK #2 is a quick 15-minute hypnotic induction you can use to save time.

Session #3: Subliminal Recording

What if you could have powerfully effective suggestions delivered to your subconscious mind throughout the day while you go about your daily activities? Well that is exactly what this session does for you.

All you have to do is start the subliminal session while you are working, studying, relaxing–or doing anything else for that matter–and your subconscious mind will pick up the covert suggestions and strengthen the effect from the previous two sessions.

This sound you will hear consciously is pleasant outdoor ambient noise. Perfect for playing in the background or to use with self-hypnosis scripts you create yourself.

Session #4: Sleep Learning

The sleep learning session is designed to re-program you subconscious mind for success… while you sleep!

You will hear the gentle, soothing sound of a stream while your subconscious absorbs instructions that will help you take action to quickly achieve your goals.

What’s more…

The sleep learning audio program also gives positive suggestions for a healthy, restful and rejuvenating sleep so you awake feeling refreshed and full of energy.

The reason this program is so effective is simple:

It Works And It’s Easy To Use

The 4-Step Hypnotic Weight Loss program is powerfully effective in its simplicity. But just to sweeten the offer I wanted to throw in a few extra bonuses so that you can take your results to the next level:

Try The Complete Self-Hypnosis Program Now And Get 3 Valuable “Fast-Action” Bonuses

Fast-Action Bonus #1: 30 Days Of Email Support From Certified Hypnotist & NLP Trainer Tim Tarango

In case you have any questions with the Hypnotic Weight Loss program, you can put your mind at ease, because I will be there to walk you through the program!

Once you’re inside the members area you will have access to my personal email address and I will answer any questions you have within a day or two. In the past I have only done this with my private coaching clients (who pay upwards of several thousand dollars), but you get it FREE with this program.

Fast-Action Bonus #2: “The 7 Secrets Of permanent Fat Loss & Fitness” (43-Page E-Book)

Ready to amplify your results? This 43-page e-book is packed with valuable fat loss info! Since your body will naturally start craving healthy, energizing foods, this e-book will act as the perfect reference and point you in the right direction.

Here is a peek at some of the secrets you will discover:

  • Secret #1: How to “systematize” your healthy lifestyle
  • Secret #2: The big discovery in faster fat loss
  • Secret #4: How to make your healthy lifestyle even easier
  • Bonus Secret: Why you should invest in your health NOW

You will be FEELING and LOOKING GREAT in no time!

Fast-Action Bonus #3: “Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean- Body” (65-Page E-Book)

In this 65-page e-book, certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist Mike Geary shows you the shortcut-methods for getting that sexy, toned body.

Inside he reveals…

  • The difference between “Good” and “Bad” cardio
  • Dietary fats that are actually good for you
  • The TRUTH about dietary supplements
  • The top fitness foods to stock your cabinets with
  • How to make healthy choices when eating fast food
  • And much, much more

60 Day “Healthy Body” Guarantee
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
If you aren’t 100% happy just let me know within 60 days…
And we will promtly refund all your money.
No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!

Hypnotism.Net Team
Keep in mind that if you were to go to see a hypnotist to lose weight you would be paying over $100 per hour and need multiple sessions.

Look, I know I am selling this program at a discount here but I really want to make it as affordable to as many people as possible during this initial launch.

In fact… when you try it completely risk-free during the 90 days it adds up to less than 53 cents per day.

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